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    Probabilitic Risk Assessment

    "How to assess the safety of a nuclear power plant?" Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) or Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) can give the answer. The major research of this lab is focused on the enhancement of risk assessment quality and risk-informed applications for the improvement of plant safety.
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    Human reliability

    The operations of main control room operators are very complex and mentally taxing activities. This research is focused on the development of human reliability analysis method and operator support systems for the digitalized operational environment.
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    Digital I&C Systems

    Due to the unique features of digital intrumentation and control (I&C) systems, a new reliability evaluation method is needed to reflect the effects of these distinguishable features from analog systems and to consider new types of risks such as cyber security.
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    Consequence analysis

    A Level 3 PRA is to analyze the consequence by an accident. This anlysis is necessary not only for nuclear power plants but also for nuclear waste facility and plant dicompossitioning. The analysis should be performed with consideration of the unique characteristics of Korean nuclear sites.
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How to assess the safety of a nuclear power plant? How safe is safe enough? The risk assessment of nuclear power plants is crucial in plant designing, licensing, and various decision makings. Risk Assessment and Risk-Informed Application Laboratory (RA Lab) is contributing to make safer nuclear power plants. We are performing the researches to assess the nuclear power plant safety more accurately and to propose safety enhanced designs based on the risk-information.